In February of 2020 there is the opportunity for Explorer Scouts and Network Scouts to go to Kazakhstan and become part of Snow Camp. This would be the second event hosted by Scouts of the Great Steppe.

Accommodation is in log cabin in the forest near the resort of Borovoe in the north of Kazakhstan, some 3 hours drive from Nur-Sultan the capital. The cabins sleep 10 in shared rooms and are equipped with bathrooms and a kitchen.

Meals are locally produced and are served in the on-site restaurant.

Activities that may be provided at Snow Camp include dog sledding, reindeer tracking, fishing in the ice, horse trekking, snow shoeing, tobogganing together with lots of others.

It will be cold! This years event saw a warm day being -25C, and cold was -40C. Some special equipment is compulsory, you will need snow boots, down top jacket, insulated trousers. There are many recommended items.

Inclusive in the £1370 budget are flights, transfer to Borovoe, meals on resort, activities, transfer back to Nur-Sultan, 1 night hotel, city tour and transfer to airport. The cost also includes travel insurance.

This year we are intending to take 20 from the UK, 4 leaders and 16 young people, 16-25 years old. The lower age range is provided because of the harsh conditions. There shall be no exceptions.

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